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I am Josephine, PhD, scientist and certified Scrum Master at Center for Advanced Internet Studies (CAIS). My expertise lies at the intersection of media psychology, communication sciences, media education, and science and technology studies.

I am building bridges between research and practice. I shape and explore new methods of collaboration among researchers. My focus is on creating and translating scientific insights into practical applications using innovative methods. Moreover, in my research, I delve into topics such as civic education on the internet,  hate speech and fake news.



Digital Media, Civic Education,
Hate Speech & Co.

I conduct research on the content, dissemination, and impact of hate speech, extremist propaganda, and (political) information and educational offerings on the internet. I develop educational concepts for radicalization prevention, I conduct workshops and lectures on various subjects within political education and media literacy, such as fake news, extremist propaganda, and populism.


Innovative Methods in Interdisciplinary Research

As scientific coordinator at the Center for Advanced Internet Studies (CAIS), I focus on the development of and research on innovative concepts for interdisciplinary collaboration in research on digital transformation.

By applying agile methods (e.g., Scrum, Design Thinking) in the CAIS research invovation hub, I am actively shaping the future of science.


The Impact of Digital Media in Science Communication

Recently, I've also been delving into the field of science communication. I'm particularly intrigued by the question of how scientists are confronted with hate speech. Additionally, my research explores the role that AI-generated content can play in advancing science communication.

I offer... statements workshops and lectures on topics such as media literacy, civic education on the internet, hate speech and innovative methods of interdisciplinary collaboration in research.

Moreover, I am open for research collaborations in these areas.

Latest Publications

“In our article, we want to provide an interdisciplinary perspective on the topic by drawing among others from the literature in the fields of media psychology, communication studies, and education science. By integrating insights from various disciplines, our paper seeks to enrich the academic dialogue and to promote a nuanced understanding of the evolving dynamics of civic education in the digital realm. "

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